During this week’s science session the objective was to explore capillary action. We achieved this by employing paper towel, which was folded between plastic cups to create a bridge. Three of the five cups were filled with coloured water, with the remaining two staying empty– these cups were to become our observational cups; what would happen to these empty vessels? As with all our science experiments the children were encouraged to predict an outcome, developing hypotheses. The process of water moving along a conduit (the paper towel in this case) is called: capillary action. Another example of this process is where water travels from the roots of a plant to the leaves, we call this transpiration, which is driven by capillary action. This experiment is a simple, effective, and exciting way to teach such a complex concept. The children were thrilled to monitor the progress of this experiment! Some wonderful and thoughtful ideas were shared as to why this was occurring.

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